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Don't Lose Your Head

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We live in a mixed up world
A coin flip scripts what we get served
You have a little influence
but no control
The goal is to live right
and brighten your soul
Speak your own truth
Follow your dream
Never stop fighting
for what you believe
When things get hard
You gotta bend
and if you don’t break
you will transcend

Don’t lose your head
just don’t lose your head

Sometimes It weighs on me
Sometimes it prays on me
Sometimes it plays with me

So I try not to lose my head
gotta keep it in check
If you swerve off the course
you’re bound to wreck
Gotta keep it together
and help one another
and brighten the future
and try to make it alright
Embrace each failure
they’re opportunities
to get your mind, body, and soul in harmony
It aint too late
to make it great
don’t underestimate
what can be